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Industrial flow meter without display Flow 33

Flow 33

inductive flow meter FLOW 33 without display unit is an ideal solution for the customers who need pulse or current signals from the meter and the display unit is not then necessary.

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The evaluation unit of this flow meter is found right on the sensor itself. The meter is manufactured in structural steel; however, full corrosion-proof construction is commonplace. The meter’s state is indicated by four informative LEDs found on the evaluation unit. Electrical connection is provided with the standard 8-pin M12 connector. The invaluable advantage of the meter is the possibility of its setting up through Bluetooth communication using its own android/windows software. The users can set up the flow meter with their own mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, right at the installation site. Thanks to this application, you can carry out simple diagnosis on the meter, simulate a flow rate within wiring check, change all meter’s settings, including two impulse contacts (or using the flow switch NO contact and the status signal) and one 4÷20mA current loop output. Last but not least, you can use it to display the current flow rate.

Mai multe informații
Cod produs Flow 33
Domeniul de masura 0.01...12200 m3/h
Fluid masurat apa
Diametru conducta DN10-DN600
Valori masurate volumetric flow meter
Conectare la proces Flange, thread, waffer
Precizia de masura 0,50%
Semnal de iesire pulse, 4-20 mA
Presiune de lucru 25 bar
Comunicatie bluetooth
Tensiune de alimentare 24Vdc
Brands Comacc Cal